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Friday, August 17, 2012

wine bottles --> chandelier


• Light fixtures/canopies

• Bifold door (two doors hinged)
• Drill
• 5/16-inch drill bit
• Molly bolts (minimum of six)
• Screwdriver
• Transparent paper (find at local craft store)
• Blue masking tape
• Pencil
• Hammer
• Nail
• Ruler or tape measure
• Latch to secure door sections

Instructions (assuming ceiling boxes are already in place)

Remove all the wood slats from one door so just the frame portion is left.
2. Drape the transparent paper over the door and measure the length and
width of the door, both the inside and outside dimensions. Cut out the shape of the door along the outside dimensions.
3. Secure the canopies to the ceiling by their mounting brackets.
4. Tape the pattern to the ceiling over all the canopies at the exact location where the door will be mounted, making sure the canopies all fit within the inside of the frame.
5. With pencil, trace the outline of the pattern onto the ceiling. This will help you later when mounting the door to the ceiling.
6. With a pencil, trace each canopy circle onto the paper.
7. Remove the pattern from the ceiling and place it on a flat surface.
8. Locate and mark the center of each canopy circle.
9. Place the pattern over the door with the louvers, making sure pattern and door edges line up exactly.
10. Hammer a nail through the center of each circle just enough to make a dent in the wood. This marks the location to drill the hole for the wire.
11. Remove paper from door and drill the holes through the door, using a 5/16-inch drill bit.
The wires for each light are threaded through the louvers and connected to the corresponding canopy.
12. Using the molly bolts, mount the hollowed-out door to the ceiling. Disconnect the canopies from the ceiling boxes.
13. Thread the wires of a fixture through the bottom of each bottle and up through the neck.
14. Working with one pendant light at a time: Thread the wires through a hole in the louvered door, slip the canopy onto the wires and attach the wires to the matching ceiling box. Secure each canopy to its mounting bracket at the ceiling. (This light fixture has a total of 11 lights, so this process was repeated 11 times.)
15. Close the louvered door onto the hollowed-out door and fasten with wood screws or a latch. 


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